Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research


Karin Welén and Andreas Josefsson at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research (University of Gothenburg), received award in Milan for the paper about their clinical study Covidenza.

During this year's EAU Annual Meeting (European Associations of Urology) the 11th of March 2023 in Milan, the researchers and Associate Professors Karin Welén and Andreas Josefsson at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research (SCCR) were recognised for their study Covidenza.

For the paper about the study A Phase 2 Trial of the Effect of Antiandrogen Therapy on COVID-19 Outcome: No Evidence of Benefit, Supported by Epidemiology and In Vitro Data", they were awarded Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research in the scientific journal European Urology for 2022.

EAU award ceremony 2023 - James Catto, Karin Welén and Andreas Josefsson.
The EAU award ceremony in Milan 11th of March 2023 - Chief Editor and Professor Jim Catto together with Karin Welén and Andreas Josefsson.
Photo: Johan Stranne

Their prized study shows that a drug that blocks testosterone used in prostate cancer does not help in covid-19, findings that received a lot of attention.

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