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Application for the popular PhD course Communicating Science is now open

The elective Faculty PhD course Communicating Science will be given for the fourth time Fall/Winter 2019/20.

Participants will be given opportunity reflect on conditions, possible role conflicts and opportunities for researchers to be a part of the public debate. They will also learn how to develop a plan for communication activities and practice science communication using different media formats (traditional and social media) and genres (interviews, op eds, press releases).

The course comprises of three different themes where the first one – the research community and the public sphere – concerns the role of the researcher and her/his relations with both the research community and with society at large. What does ‘academic outreach’ actually imply in the Swedish Higher Education Act? Which preconditions and expectations do researchers have to deal with in this respect? Which are the different interpretations of ‘academic outreach’; and what ethical considerations do such interpretations raise?

The second theme – analysis of the surrounding world and communication planning – focuses on communicating scholarly knowledge. How does a researcher go about gaining access to various kinds of media spheres and make an imprint on the public debate? Media logic in contrast to research community logic is central to this component, as is understanding external analysis as a tool to identity important factors, opportunities and limitations when communicating with the general public.

The third theme for the course – addressing and writing for the public sphere – concerns presentation techniques, in both theory and practice. This includes analyzing situations and target groups, and adapting the text for the intended audience. Different text genres are discussed, such as op-eds, blogs, tweets, and reviews, etc. There is a particular focus on communication in social media. Visual communication and verbal presentation techniques are also important elements of this course component.

Extent: 7,5 hp

Course start: October 2019

Language: English

Entry requirements Admission to third-cycle studies and priority is given to (1) PhD students within the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Gothenburg and thereafter (2) PhD students at the University of Gothenburg.

More information with course syllabus (pdf).

Application and information:

Christina Jones, Study Administrator, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Gothenburg.  
Phone: 031-786 5179, mail: