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Alumni in world premiere of Ingrid Bergman musical


The world premiere of Camera, the musical about world famous actress Ingrid Bergman's life, will take place in Linköping on the 9th of February. Several recent alumni from the Academy of Music and Drama are in the cast: Maria Friman, Caroline Gustafsson, Maria Lindström, Johan Hwatz and Hani Arrabi. Ingrid Bergman is played by Karin Oscarsson, alumni from the acting programme. Her singing coach in this programme is Nina Norblad, from the musical programme.The musical is written by director Staffan Aspegren och composer, lyricist and musician Jan-Erik Sääf. Camera has been developed over four years in a collaboration between the Academy of Music and Drama and Östgötateatern in Linköping, where the premiere will take place.