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Sirén festival

Sirén Festival

Culture and languages

New instrumental compositions, sound art, electronic music and performances. One of Gothenburg's most innovative festivals is arranged every year by students from the composition education in collaboration with music students at the university.

18 Jan 2022 - 21 Jan 2022
Academy of Music and Drama and Kulturtemplet
Free admission, no tickets (applies to everything except the concert at Kulturtemplet)

Academy of Music and Drama


Tuesday 18 January:

  • Installation "Mellanrum", 17–21 h, Ohlinsalen
  • Master Concert, 18–19 h, Sjöströmsalen
  • Concert "Black Silence", 19.20–20.20 h, Lindgrensalen

Wednesday 19 January:

  • Ensemble För Ny Musik, 18–19 h, Ohlinsalen
  • Piano concert, 19.30–20.30 h, Sjöströmsalen

Thursday 20 January:

  • Improvisation concert, 18–19.15 h, Lindgrensalen
  • Handmade Electronic Music, 19.40–21.30 h, Sjöströmsalen

Friday 21 January:

  • Chamber Concert 18–19.30 h, Ohlinsalen
  • Electro Acoustic 19.45–21 h, Lindgrensalen

Saturday 22 January:

  • Concert in Kulturtemplet 19–20 h

Siren is a festival for contemporary music arranged by students in the composition education at the Academy of Music and Drama. The programme ranges from solo pieces or chamber music to improvisation, performance, electronic music and meetings and collaborations between different art forms. The collection of composers and musicians consists of young students at the Academy of Music and Drama, and most of the works are new premieres written specifically for the festival. The festival takes place on 18-22 January at Artisten and Kulturtemplet, and all concerts are open to the public with free admission. The events are free so be in place well in advance. If you really do not want to miss a concert, it will be possible to reserve a place at specific concerts!

Festival web page (in Swedish)

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