Group picture of opera students.
Photo: Jonas Egfors

Opera collage: "A diabolical audition"

Culture and languages

A project for the first-year students from the bachelor's programme in opera where arias, ensembles, text and movement are linked into a scenic performance.

12 Apr 2023
13 Apr 2023
18:00 - 19:00
12:15 - 13:15
The concert during lunch time is free. The concert at 6 p.m. is 75 sek.

Academy of Music and Drama

Directing supervision: Monica Danielson
Dialogue process: Peter Melin
Rörelseinstruktör: Michael Norlind
Movement instructor: Mikael Kjellgren
Costume: Ina Nyholm & Jenny Beckman
Stage management/lighting: Fredrik Ekström


Sally Sallingboe Jørgensen
Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Adieu forêts from Jeanne d'Arc
(Swedish translation: Staffan Skott)

Annalouisa Magnusson
Gian Carlo Menotti: Monica's Waltz from The Medium
(Swedish translation: Leif Söderström)

Linnea Nordström
Igor Stravinsky: No Word From Tom from The Rake's Progress
(Swedish translation: Göran O. Eriksson)

Sandra Wettergren
Jules Massenet: Dis-moi que je suis belle from Thaïs
(Swedish translation: Sven Nyblom)

Linnea Simon
Johann Strauss: Klänge der Heimat from Läderlappen
(Swedish translation: Lars Sjöberg)

Julia Nylander
Igor Stravinsky: As I was Saying… Scorned! Abused! from The Rake's Progress
(Swedish translation: Göran O. Eriksson)


Medealand by Sara Stridsberg
Vid närmare eftertanke by CJ Heck
Klar låg himlen by Gustaf Fröding
Lazy by Irving Berlin
Du kallar henne Kitty


Annalouisa Magnusson, soprano
Linnea Nordström, soprano
Julia Nylander, mezzo-soprano
Sally Sallingboe Jørgensen, mezzo-soprano
Linnea Simon, soprano
Sandra Wettergren, soprano

On the grand piano: Mikael Kjellgren

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