Martin Dufwenberg: Threats+

Society and economy

Martin Dufwenberg, Professor of Economics, University of Arizona University of Arizona, who is now an Erik Malmsten guest professor, will deliver an open Erik Malmsten lecture with the title Threats+

25 May 2023
16:00 - 17:00
B22, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1, 411 24 Göteborg


Martin Dufwenberg
Martin Dufwenberg, Professor in Economics, explores issues in behavioral economics using game theory and experiments in his research.

"I report work (j/w Flora Li + Alec Smith) on communication on deterrence and costly punishment. We show that a theoretical model of belief-dependent anger captures the relationship between messages, beliefs, and behavior and implies that threats can generate credible commitments. We test our model in a between-subjects experiment with belief elicitation where one-sided communication is available as a treatment.

The design allows us to record not only subjects’ choices but also many of their beliefs, allowing us to explore whether communicated threats change beliefs and payoff expectations and then drive greater rates of costly punishment and whether threats successfully deter co-players from exploiting the strategic environment to their advantage.

The “+” in the title is an indicator that the presentation will feature an introduction to the general framework of psychological game theory, which the threats-exercise is formulated within."
No registration needed.

After the lecture, at about 5 pm, there is an open reception at Malmstensvåningen.

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