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KRUF & USK seminar with Chris Kirchgasler and Alpesh Maisuria

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The Research group of Critical Education Research (KRUF) and the Collegium for the Sociology of Education (USK) welcome you to a seminar with our international guests Chris Kirchgasler and Alpesh Maisuria.

26 May 2023
10:00 - 12:00

Chris Kirchgasler, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Alpesh Maisuria, University of the West of England, Bristol
The Research group of Critical Education Research (KRUF) and the Collegium for the Sociology of Education (USK)

Welcome to a co-arranged seminar with the following program:

  • Building A Global Teaching Observatory: Inside the OECD’s Global Teaching InSights Study 

Chris Kirchgasler UW, Madison (presenting author), Ezequiel Gomez Caride, Universidad de San Andrés (co-author)

Can we account for the powers embodied in techno-scientific projections, such as teacher observation systems, in terms that do not merely reproduce their own understandings of the world (Mitchell, 2002, 2013)?

In recent decades, teacher observation systems have promised to transform teaching by identifying insights that can direct policy and practice toward improving student outcomes. Drawing upon actor-network theory (Latour, 1987, 1999), this presentation analyzes how the OECD’s Global Teaching InSights Study constructs and represents teaching quality as a globally observable phenomenon, transforming local and fuzzy knowledge about teaching quality into universal, precise, and finally scientific facts.

The technical processes of teacher observation (coding, harmonizing, and measuring) are crucial to making teaching into an object that appears true irrespective of context and that effaces the cultural norms and sociopolitical conditions of its production. We discuss how, as a fact in the world, global teaching quality begins to scaffold the global teacher, a figure who embodies hopes and fears about the threats about student populations as threats to the future that teaching is to anticipate and control. 


  • New book and launch event on methodology and critical realism

Alpesh Maisuria, UWE, Bristol (presenting author) and Grant Banfield, University of South Australia

Working with Critical Realism: Stories of Methodological Encounters, edited by Alpesh Maisuria and Grant Banfield, has been published by Routledge in the Critical Realism book series. This international and interdisciplinary collection gathers stories from researchers and research students about their early methodological encounters with critical realism. The hope is that these first-hand reflections will encourage other researchers to explore critical realist possibilities.

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