Student and teacher in marine education environment

International Conference on Analyzing and Advancing Simulations for Professional Learning (SimPro2023)

Science and Information Technology
Education and learning

The Third International Conference on Analyzing practices and advancing pedagogies for professional learning (SimPro2023) is a free, hybrid conference taking place on April 26, 2023 at Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

26 Apr 2023
09:30 - 15:45

SimPro2023 is co-hosted with PROSIM. PROSIM is a research project that gathers researchers from three Nordic universities to study the use of simulations across three domains - health science, biomedicine, and maritime education.

PROSIM aim is to develop knowledge and further understanding of the use of simulations for professional learning and to stimulate cross-disciplinary learning of best practices as well as a shared system of concepts.

The conference turns to researchers and educators in simulation-based training, as well as to practitioners and students.