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Image of Anna Strand publication Arkiverat under T
Photo: Anna Strand


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IMAGE <=> TEXT is a seminar series, hosted by the The Film, Photography and Literary Composition Unit, HDK-Valand. The second seminar in the series takes as its point of departure Anna Strand’s recently published book Arkiverat under T (Archived under T), which will be the subject for a conversation between Anna (photography), Klara Källström (photography), and Nils Olsson (literary composition). The conversation will be held in Swedish.

14 Jan 2021
18:00 - 20:00

Arkiverat under T combines altered newspaper pages with essayistic texts and photographs, the latter left behind by a certain Dr. K, who together with writings by Roland Barthes inspired how the archive of newspaper clippings are structured and woven together. The concluding text and image essay revolves around, amongst other things, withdrawal from society and its potentially subversive power, as well as the possibility of return for the one who once left. 

IMAGE <=> TEXT aims to unfold the myriad interconnectedness of words and pictures, whether they appear in the form of artist’s books, films, narrative photography, materialist poetics or ekphrasis. 

Even if the obvious purpose is to investigate the relationship between image and text, the reflections and discussions in the ensuing program takes as its key starting point practice: the practices of film, photography and writing. This approach functions to encourage a research orientation drawn from material and historical reflections in artistic practice itself and from its conceptual and theoretical enquiry. The first three seminars draw from the film, photography and literary composition unit at HDK-Valand. The approach is to create an environment of sharing and to facilitate a dialogue that addresses the various strategies and processes deployed by practitioners-researchers from the unit whose works connect image and text or whose works differentiate them. The seminars are open to the public in order to broaden the scope of the discussion and serves to strengthen the research environment.

Anna Strand. Artist and senior lecturer in photography, HDK-Valand. Arkiverat under T is published by Sailor Press, which also published her previous book Nagoya Notebook, a notebook on photography. Arkiverat under T will be presented in the form of an exhibition at Västerås Konstmuseum in spring 2021.

Nils Olsson. PhD in Comparative literature and senior lecturer in Literary Composition. Preoccupied with the figure and function of the editor in modern literature. Recently co-edited Att skriva med ljus (Writing with light, Makadam, 2021), an anthology on modernity, literature and photograph, which also includes his essay on Gertrude stein and photography.

Klara Källström. Visual artist and lecturer in photography at HDK-Valand. Founder of the imprint B-B-B-Books. Through photography, she investigates how images are disseminated and conveyed and is currently working on a sequel to the series Wikiland (B-B-B-Boooks 2011, 2014, 2017-) dealing with the image that the media reports in the Wikileaks and Julian Assange case.