Vävverkstad med forskare och medverkande
Photo: Johannes Romppanen

80% seminar: Spaces and impacts: contemporary opportunities and forms for hand-weaving

Culture and languages

Welcome to take part in a seminar to present a research project by PhD student Rosa Tolnov Clausens.

29 Mar 2023
13:00 - 16:00
online via zoom
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The context of this study is the realm of free-time hand-weaving practices in urban environments in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

The study seeks to explore two aspects:  

  • In what spatial, temporal, economic and social conditions and contexts does hand-weaving take place in urban Nordic society today?
  • And can I through my artistic practice of having visits in weaving spaces of my own creation reorient how hand-weaving can be part of Nordic urban life? 

Rosa Tolnov Clausen PhD research aim to understand the various infrastructures with which free-time weaving spaces connect and intra-act and to point, through the Weaving Kiosk project, what coordinates of relevance may be found for the hand-weaving craft going forward. 

80% seminar aims for the research project to be 80% completed.

The 80% seminar will be open to the public on Zoom (see link further up the page).