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University of Gothenburg

Colloquia Global Childhoods

The colloquia global childhoods will enable participants to develop an understanding of how changing perspectives on children and childhood and identity over time and through globalization, are expressed among children, families and educators in and outside educational environments. We also aim to, through "local" perspectives, develop an understanding of contemporary ideals about children and childhood. Childhood is described as a time period between birth to 18 years


Childhoods, time and space

21th of January at 1.00- 3.00 PM (Swedish time)
Moderator: Dr. Ylva Ågren, Technical support Birgitta Roos Haraldsson

We proudly announce the very first public symposium from the newly started research group of Global Childhoods. What could be more relevant than to start spot-on through a discussion about childhood and time, highlighting questions such as:

  • international perspectives of global childhoods, issues on the ‘global’ and the ‘local’.
  • modern and postmodern conceptions of time, childhoods and age
  • childhoods over time
  • structuring of childhoods across time and spaces
  • time and temporality in children’s everyday life
  • the politics, governance and commodification of time in childhoods
  • institutional time
  • possible future childhoods

Our aim is to raise questions and thoughts for further conversations through four inspirational lectures.

All presentations will be on Zoom since the corona situation unfortunately does not allow us to mingle in reality this year. Sign up by contact:

More information about the symposium and the presentations