Sebastian Kilde Löfgren

About Sebastian Kilde Löfgren

From 2017-2020, I worked as a physics and mathematics teacher and taught programming at Alströmergymnasiet in Alingsås. There, my interest grew in exploring and developing physics teaching regarding visualizations, laboratory development, and how programming can promote learning in physics.

In September 2020, I was admitted to the CUL (Centre for Educational Sciences and Teacher Research) graduate school. My work is done at the Department of Physics under the supervision of Jonas Enger as part of the Physics Education Research (PER) group. My doctoral project is about developing remote laboratories useful for both high school and university-level students. I currently focus on experiments related to the abstract field concept students face in studying electricity and magnetism. To evaluate the usefulness of the developed experiments and what learning is made possible for students, I employ a design-based research approach guided by variation theory.

I also have a great interest in teacher education. I have been responsible for the Astrofysik course in L(G/9)FY21/LGNK62 since 2021, as well as being responsible for the development of programming laboratories included in the physics courses L(G/9)FY11, L(G/9)FY21, and L(G/9)FY31 for student teachers.

For preprints, see my profile on Research Gate.