Phatthranit Phattharapornjaroen

Affiliated to Research

Department of Surgery
Visiting address
Blå stråket 5, vån 3 SU/Sahlgrenska
41345 Göteborg
Postal address
Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
41345 Göteborg

About Phatthranit Phattharapornjaroen

Phatthranit Phattharapornjaroen is a PhD student at the Department of Clinical Sciences.

She is also involved as a researcher at the Center for Disaster Medicine at the University of Gothenburg, a knowledge center on behalf of the National Board of Health and Welfare with a focus on total defence. The center conducts research, development and education in disaster medicine and healthcare in crisis and war.

At the centre, she is part of the research project; Flexible Surge Capacity in Disaster and Emergencies

Phatthranit Phattharapornjaroen is defended her doctoral thesis 7th of June 2024, in the research subject surgery

The title of the thesis: Flexible Surge Capacity in Disasters and Major Incidents Link directly to the doctoral thesis in GUPEA.