Niklas Fransson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Psychology
Visiting address
Haraldsgatan 1
41314 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 500
40530 Göteborg

About Niklas Fransson


Born 1965 in Nässjö, Sweden. Accepted for the graduate program in Psychology at Göteborg University during the autumn in 1990. Defended his doctoral thesis in Psychology in 1997 (Department of Psychology, Göteborg University). Position as researcher and lecturer. Teaches Social psychology on different levels of education.



Research interests

The experience of immoral eventsThis research aimed at explaining what features of events that make involved individuals perceive them as immoral. We also tried to reveal which features are distinct for different moral values (domains). Lastly, I have been studying if events that activate different values also evoke different emotional reactions.

Transportation research Research aimed at trying to understand what makes people perceive different modes of transportation as more attractive than others.

Justice research In this project we study which variables affect how an individual judges what salary is just/fair for a certain job. This project relates to questions concerning gender differences in salary.

Current research

Social Cognition, Judgement and Decision Making

Selected publications

Biel, A., Dahlstrand, U., & Fransson, N. (1990). The content of moral values. Göteborg Psychological Reports, 20, 1-16.

Fransson, N., Davidsson, P., Marell, A., & Gärling, T. (1993). Miljömedvetenhet: Begreppsdefinitioner, mätmetoder och tidigare forskningsresultat. Transportforskningsenheten (TRUM), 2, 1-13.

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Fransson, N. (1997). The experience of immoral events. Published doctoral dissertation, Department of Psychology, Göteborg University.

Bennulf, M., Fransson, N., Polk, M., & Biel, A. (1998). Bilismen och miljön: Attityder och attitydbildning. KFB-Rapport 4.

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Manuscript submitted for publication. Fransson, N., & Biel, A. (2000). Gender differences in pay expectations among different occupational groups. Göteborg Psychological Reports, 30, 7.

Ask, K., & Fransson, N. (2001). Mental representation of immoral events: The effect of event typicality on judgment time. Göteborg Psychological Reports, 31, 4.