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Marie Carlsson


School of Global
+46 31-786 25 05
Visiting address
Brogat 4
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Postal address
Box 700
40530 Göteborg

About Marie Carlsson

Before I started working as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Gothenburg I worked for several years in the business life and I have also had a consultant company together with Chinese colleagues in Sweden and in China.

I have studied various aspects of China during the past 25 years and given courses and lecturers about these aspects as well as about Asia in general within and outside the University of Gothenburg. I have worked with the School of Business and Commercial Law as well as with Chalmers Technical High School and I still work with Chalmers. Outside the university I have given lectures for associations for visually and hearing impaired, libraries, authorities, companies, museums and others. I have also provided the latter with pictures and various text materials. I have also participated in a number of debates regarding various aspect of China, for example, the Olympic Games in Beijing.

I few years ago I gave a contract education for the Secret Service in Gothenburg with a special focus on security issues in China.

I have also worked as the student counselor for the advanced level for The School of Global studies, including our three master programs in Human Rights (a program in Swedish), Human Rights Practice and Global Studies (both international programs in English).

At the request of the International Office at the University of Gothenburg, I participated in the process of handling the student exchange with universities in East- and South East Asia with whom the University of Gothenburg had signed agreements with and I was also responsible for the information to the students regarding these exchanges. Furthermore, I was responsible for all contacts with the universities in East and South East Asia, compiled information material for a brochure on studying in East and South East Asia and made its cover and also arranged programs for delegations from the universities in question.

During about five years I was chairman of the Swedish-Chinese Association, the Gothenburg branch, and also member of the national board of the association. Previously, I was also co-opted to the board of the Centre for East and South East Asian Studies at the University of Gothenburg. Today I am a substitute lecturer to the board of our department, the School of Global Studies. I am also a member of the Swedish-Chinese Association, Nordic Association for China Studies and the European Association for Chinese Studies.

My academic education has been conducted both in Sweden and in China where I studied at Beijing Waiguoyu Xueyuan in Beijing. My education in Sweden involves both shorter and longer education in teaching and learning in higher education, two Bachelor of Art, one Master of Art with a major in Chinese, postgraduate education in sinology at Stockholm University and various postgraduate courses in other subjects. I have also attended several conferences on various topics on China in Sweden and abroad. I have appeared multiple times on Swedish television and radio programs, including foreign radio, as well as in magazines and newspapers commenting on various aspect of China. I am often contacted by for example journalists, authorities, museums and students from both our university and other universities with question about China.

Areas of interestI am interested in questions relating to resistance and security in China, involving questions of power. The Falun gong movement and the Muslim Uyghurs of Xinjiang is of particular interest since I by studying these group also am able to focus on questions regarding gender and globalization in relation to these groups. China’s regional relations are another area of interest, particularly China’s relations with North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In this case, China’s international relations as a whole are of course interesting. When it comes to China’s domestic politics, social protests, involving migration, land expropriation and working conditions, also reflect my interest in questions regarding resistance, power and security. Chinese culture and communication, especially within the business life in China, are areas of interest as well.

Current researchAt present, I am writing my PhD thesis. My compilation thesis is on perspectives of resistance with a focus on the Falun gong movement and to a certain extent I make comparisons with some of the Muslim Uyghur groups in Xinjiang.

Teaching and tutoringI have given some 50-100 courses at the University of Gothenburg and some 500-1000 lectures at the university and outside the university over the years. I have also supervised essays on various levels with majors in, for example, Asian Studies, International relations and Human Rights.

At present, I give 6 courses a year at the School of Global studies and also some lectures outside our university as part of the so called third stream activities.

I lecture on the following courses:

  • Culture, Politics and Security in China (course leader)
  • Society, Politics and Economy in Modern China (course leader)
  • Qualified Work Placement with a Social Science perspective (at the request of The Faculty of Social Sciences) (course leader)
  • Work placement within Global Studies (part of The BA-program in Global Studies) (course leader)
  • Globalizing Asia (shared course leadership)
  • International relations
  • Global Development Studies