Luka Jelusic


The Design and Crafts Steneby
Visiting address
Hemslöjdsvägen 1
66695 Dals långed
Postal address
Hemslöjdsvägen 1
66695 Dals Långed

About Luka Jelusic

Luka Jelušić is a furniture designer/maker and a landscape architect, frequently involved with collaborative community-based projects. He is a teacher at Wood Oriented Furniture Design program at HDK-Valand Steneby (Sweden) since 2017, and working on a project basis for University of Washington Study Abroad program since 2012. He co-created ‘Fairytales in Craft’, a children-oriented project focusing on links between storytelling and making, local mythologies and immersive environment as a space for learning, and organised several Design/Build student projects in settings ranging from hospitals and child-care institutions to community spaces. His personal artistic practice explores object narration and innovations of traditional crafts through design.