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Lisa Åkesson


School of Global
+46 31-786 46 07
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Konstepidemins väg 2
41314 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 700
40530 Göteborg

About Lisa Åkesson

  • Professor in Anthropology at the School of Global Studies
  • Leader for the Research Group on Migration and Diversity at the School of Global Studies
  • Fluent in Swedish, English, Portugese and Cape Verdean Creole.
  • Many years experience of field work in Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique
  • Gives public lectures and is consulted by media regarding questions concerning international migration


Areas of interest My present research focuses on North-South migration, specifically the recent Portuguese migration to the former colonies of Angola and Mozambique. The main objectives are a) to explore how this new form of mobility informs identities and power relation, and b) explore the exchange of knowledge between the Portuguese migrants and the majority populations. Analytically the project departs from both integration theory and postcolonial theory, but tries to move beyond these approaches.

Over the years my research has been focused on transnational migration. I have principally explored how labour migration affects those left behind in sending societies. Through themes such as remittances, conjugal relationships, child care and return migration I have examined relationships between "stayers" and migrated family members in Europe and the US. Critical analysis of international policy on migration and development is also an area of my expertise. In addition, I have analysed the  globalised everyday life of migrants living in Sweden.

Much of my empirical research has revolved around Cape Verdean migration and diaspora. As an anthropologist I have worked extensively with participant observation and I have gradually deepened my understanding of what it means to live in a family and in a nation that is globally dispersed.

Current research

Portuguese migrants in Mozambique: Postcolonialism and exchange of knowledge (financed by the Swedish Research Council 2018-2021)

Teaching and tutoring Since the mid-1990s I have taught a wide range of courses in anthropology and other subjects. 2007-2009 I was Director of Studies in Anthropology and since 2018 I am coordinating the PhD education in Anthropology at the Department of Global Studies. 

In recent years my teaching  has mostly been focused on migration and applied anthropology. Presently I am responsible for a master course on international migration and multicultural societies.

I supervise at all levels, from undergraduate students to doctoral candidates.