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About Lisa Åkesson

I am a professor in social anthropology at the Department of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. Through various research projects in the field of migration and diversity, I have gained long-term experience of ethnographic fieldwork in Cabo Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Sweden. I lecture and participate in public debates on issues related to international migration and diversity.

Areas of interest My research interests include different perspectives on migration, such as a everyday diversity practices in a postmigrant condition, postcolonial north-south migration and various aspects of transnational migration.

Presently, I focus on developing the concept of "postmigration", and its relevance for exploring contemporary diversity in Sweden. In previous projects, I have explored the contemporary Portuguese migration to the former colonies of Angola and Mozambique. I have examined how identities and power relations are affected by this new form of mobility and analysed the exchange of knowledge between the Portuguese migrants and the majority population. Another question has concerned the Portuguese' integration into the former colonies. Analytically, I have taken my starting point in post- and decolonial theory, but I have also been interested in critically moving beyond these approaches.

Over the years, my research has also been focused on various aspects of transnational migration. I have mainly investigated how labour migration affects people's living conditions in sending societies. In studies of “stayers” relationships with migrated family members in Europe and the United States, I have explored remittances, couple relationships, childcare and return. Critical analysis of international policy on migration and development is another of my research areas. Empirically, much of this research has revolved around Cabo Verde and the Cabo Verdean diaspora. As an anthropologist, I have worked with participant observation and for many years deepened my insights into what it means to live in a family and a nation that is spread out in the world.

Current research In my present research, I am interested in everyday diversity beyond essentialised categorisations and normative integration debates. In the project Everyday Practices of Integration (EPI), we assume that diversity is the new normal in Sweden. We examine how similarities and differences are practised and perceived in the everyday diversity in workplaces. I focus on a globalized workplace with highly educated employees in my part of the project. A primary purpose of the project is to question dominant notions of integration as "failed". More information about the project and its members can be found here

Teaching and tutoring Since the mid-1990s, I have taught a wide range of courses in anthropology and other fields. Between 2007 and 2009, I was the director of studies in anthropology. Since 2018, I have been the program manager for the doctoral program in anthropology at the Department of Global Studies.

I supervise at all levels, from bachelor's theses to doctoral dissertations.