Lars Frisén

About Lars Frisén

MD 1966, PhD 1968, Post-doctoral Fellow in Neuro-ophthalmology at University of California, San Francisco 1972-1973, Specialist in Ophthalmology 1974.

Docent of Anatomy 1968, Docent of Experimental Ophthalmology 1971, Docent of Clinical Neuro-ophthalmology 1973, Adjunct Professor 2000.

Mandatory retirement 2006.


Clinical neuro-ophthalmology is a primarily diagnostic discipline that uses ophthalmological methods to analyse disturbances of the central nervous system. The eye and the brain have close connections. The brain analyses neural signals from the eyes in many complex ways and the brain controls many complex eye functions, including eye movements and pupils. Diseases of the central nervous system often manifest themselves as disturbances of vision and eye movements and changes in the fundus of the eyes. Analysis of such disturbances constitute important steps in clinical evaluations. A richly illustrated overview of the neuro-ophthalmological panorama is available at the research group's website,

The research group has developed several diagnostic methods that are in wide use internationally, including RareBit Perimetry, Sahlgren’s Color Saturation Test and a Disc Swelling Staging Scheme. Nowadays, development has turned toward smartphone apps, for example:

MultiBit Vision Test - self-monitoring of age-related macula degeneration Vision Sx - an interactive library of visual disturbances aimed to facilitate differential diagnosis LookAhead - an interactive game aimed to train compensation for homonymous hemianopsia