Göran Malmstedt


Department of Historical Studies
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Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
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Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Göran Malmstedt

My main area of research is cultural history during the early modern period with a special interest in the mentalities, popular culture and religious beliefs of the time. These topics are addressed in my dissertation Helgdagsreduktionen. Övergången från ett medeltida till ett modernt år I Sverige 1500-1800 (1994), in the monograph Bondetro och kyrkoro. Religiös mentalitet i stormaktstidens Sverige (2002) and in various other articles. Other research interests are political culture, the history of emotions and popular attitudes towards witchcraft. The latter subject is dealt with in the article “Onda drömmar” (2007), where the relation between dreams and reality in a Swedish witch's trial is discussed.