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Céline Heuzé

Universitetslektor, biträdande

Department of Earth
Visiting address
Guldhedsgatan 5A
41320 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 460
40530 Göteborg

About Céline Heuzé

I am docent and Associate Senior Lecturer in climatology, fascinated by global deep water masses and their role in the climate system. In particular, I study the interactions between deep ocean, sea ice / glaciers, and atmosphere, mostly in the Arctic. To do so, I use in-situ observations, climate models, and ocean remote sensing.

Latest news: I am to receive the 2022 Ocean Science division Outstanding Early Career Scientist award of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).


I obtained my PhD in physical oceanography in 2015 from the University of East Anglia (UK), and immediately after moved to Sweden as a VINNMER / Marie Curie Incoming Fellow.

My three main projects at the moment are:

  • Warming of Arctic deep waters, using in-situ observations and climate models (Swedish Research Council grant 2018-03859). PhD student Salar Karam (main supervisor). I am co-lead of MOSAiC team Ocean (50+ people) och physical oceanography PI for the Swedish contribution to the Synoptic Arctic Survey, two very large international expeditions to the Arctic.
  • Dynamics of the Antarctic sea ice, from satellites (Swedish National Space Agency grant 164/18). Postdoc Lu Zhou (main supervisor); PhD student Martin Mohrmann (co-supervisor).
  • Sea level variability and forecast over the North Atlantic - North Sea region, using in-situ and satellite measurements and AI (FORMAS grant 2020-00982). Postdoc Lea Poropat (main supervisor).

I have been teaching the following courses since moving to the Earth Sciences department in October 2018:

  • Introduction to Earth Sciences (GV1410; I am course responsible for half of it), 1st year bachelor;
  • Advanced climate data analysis (GVN370; I am course responsible), new 3rd year bachelor course that I created, starting in spring 2021;
  • Earth system science (GV0340), 3rd year bachelor;
  • Climate Modelling (GVN465; I am course responsible), master level;
  • The Arctic in a changing climate, PhD level;
  • Upcoming course on Big Data and Deep Learning for Climate Science, PhD level.

Contact me for more information on any of these points. Or check my personal website. Note that I'm working from home because of covid19, so don't ring me, mail me.