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How to apply to the Master's Programme in Psychological Science 

The application period to the next programme start is October 16 2020 - January 15 2021. Please note that this is the application period for all students.

Application to Autumn semester 2021 

Please apply on between October 16 2020 - January 15 2021. 

Please note that this is the application period for all students, Swedish and international. 

Motivation letter

You need to include a motivation letter with your application, please use the template provided on this page.

  • Open the document with Acrobat Reader and fill out the form.

  • Save and name the motivation letter with the name of the program. 

  • The document must be uploaded to your application account at latest the 1 February, 2021.  

NB! If you are using Apple, make sure that you read the instructions careful when uploading your documents on If you don’t follow the instructions your application might be deleted.