Two students and one clarinet
Photo: Natalie Greppi

BA World Music Performance

A programme for musicians with a background in one of the world's folk music genres. You may also be active with non-Western art music, such as classical Arabic music or Indian art music or hybrid forms of these.

Study World Music as an exchange student

This programme is open for exchange students. Find more information about exchange studies at the Academy of Music and Drama, including language requirements and application process. 

Ross Daly plays a string instrument
Photo: Magnus Gotander

Artist in residence: Ross Daly

Virtuoso Ross Daly is one of three acclaimed world artists included in a three-year Artist in Residence Programme, sponsored by Sten A Olsson's Foundation for Research and Culture. 

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About the bachelor's programme in world music

Concerts and projects

Video (35:30)
World Music at Lunchtime 1
Video (52:29)
World Music at Lunchtime 2
Video (36:40)
World Music at Lunchtime 3
Video (1:18:17)
World's Winter Concert
Video (31:26)
World's Solo and Duo 2
Video (3:24)
Choir Project September 2020
Video (40:30)
World's Solo and Duo 1