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Election campaign in Gothenburg in 2014.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

The Party Research Program

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Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Short description

The Party Research Program is a research network situated at the Department of Political Science. A minimal definition of political parties is that they are groups of people, who choose candidates, which compete in elections under a certain label. Generally, political parties’ role is much bigger than that. Political parties are essential in the democratic system, political parties have internal life, they co-operate, and they formulate policy proposals, reforms and ideologies. Political parties represent the underlying political conflicts in a country.

Research questions

Political parties change, adapts to changing circumstances in society and their driving forces switch. The Party Research Program is interested in both normative and empirical issues of the parties’ role in the political system, but also for the parties’ internal life, development and history.

Party Research Seminar

The Department of Political Science holds regular series of Party Research Seminars. The seminars are given by the Department’s own staff as well as invited guests.

For more information, please see the calendar on our website.

Research group


The latest publications



Hagevi, Magnus, Blombäck, Sofie, Marie Demker, Hinnfors, Jonas and Karl Loxbo (forthcoming). A Widening Gap: The Crisis of Representative Democracy in Western European Party systems. Edward Elgar.

Hinnfors, Jonas (2021). Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? Regeringar, väljare och kriser. Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift, 2.


Loxbo, Karl, Hinnfors, Jonas, Hagevi, Magnus, Blombäck, Sofie and Marie Demker (2019). The decline of Western European social democracy: Exploring the transformed link between welfare state generosity and the electoral strength of social democratic parties, 1975–2014. Party Politics 3.

Book chapter

Blombäck, Sofie, Ravik Jupskås, Anders and Jonas Hinnfors (2019). United or Divided? Preferential Agreement among Party Members in Scandinavia, pp 111-34 [Chapter 6] in Demker, Marie, Heidar Knut and Karina Kosiara-Pedersen (eds), Nordic Party Members. Linkages in Troubled Times, ECPR Press.

Book review

Hinnfors, Jonas (2019). Elin Hausgjerd Allern and Tim Bale (eds), Left-of-Centre Parties and Trade Unions in the Twenty-First Century, Oxford: Oxford University Press, in Party Politics, 6.