Folksamling på Götaplatsen på Fredsdagen. Blick mot Göteborgs konstmuseum.
Photo: Thure Christiansson

Focus Götaplatsen: Mechanical cataloguing and visual interpretation of films from a public space

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GPS400: Centrum för samverkande visuell forskning

Short description

Götaplatsen’s filmed patterns of movement are catalogued with the help of digital technology that identifies and connects archive collections, artefacts, documents, environments, images and stories, not least the University Library’s collection from the Anniversary Exhibition in 1923.

The aim is to develop generalisable digital cataloguing and interpretation models that visualise film of Götaplatsen over the course of 100 years. The analyses apply technically innovative methods and models in the fields of public modelling and data mining, leading to interactions with the filmic past and the co-creation of information and knowledge in dialogue with civil society. The project sees researchers in humanities collaborate with technicians from Chalmers University of Technology. Initial funding for the technical support in a pilot study was received from the IT faculty at Chalmers. The ambition is to present the results of the project in 2023 via a circular film screen around the Poseidon statue, showing images of Götaplatsen on the outside, and images directed out towards different districts of the city on the inside.