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Floods Vulnerability and Mechanisms for Mitigation or Adaptation of the Population and the Urban Planning Process in the Municipality of Matola, Mozambique

Research project
Active research
Project period
2019 - 2023
Project owner
Unit for Human Geography, Department of Economy and Society

Short description

The Municipality of Matola, located near the coast, in Maputo Bay, suffered the most devastating flood event in the year 2000. This event seriously affected the local population, as well as social and economic infrastructures. More recently in 2014/2015, flooding was repeated, although not with the same intensity. The overall aim of this PhD project is to analyse the strategies of mitigation and/or adaptation in relation to flooding used by the local population and in the municipal urban planning process, and the consequent urban development in the Municipality of Matola.

Doctoral student: José Lourenço Neves
Supervisor: Margareta Espling