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Evaluation of advanced treatment of sewage effluent in full scale

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
9,512 MSEK
Project period
2014 - 2017
Project owner
Jerker Fick (Umeå university, main project leader), Berndt Björlenius (Royal Institute of Technology), Leif Norrgren (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and Joakim Larsson (University of Gothenburg). Additional project-partners include Knivsta R

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Short description

In this project we will implement ozonation as a method to remove pharmaceuticals, microbes and other micro-pollutants from sewage effluents. Ozonation will be implemented on full scale at a Swedish sewage treatment plant in Knivsta. This will provide us with valuable experience from practical implementation at full scale. We will also evaluate the removal of 120 pharmaceuticals, other micropollutants and microbes from the effluent. We will follow several upstream and downstream sites in the receiving river before, during and after the ozonation period in order to evaluate the effects of ozonation on the river microbial communities (including antibiotic-resistant bacteria), fish and invertebrate communities.