Decision making, environmental, economic and political psychology

Research group

Short description

The DEEP research group consists of researchers who, based on theories of cognitition and social psychology, conduct research with applications within a broad spectrum of behavioural domains, for example the environment, economy, and politics. Our research is often interdisciplinary, an is then conducted in collaboration with other institutions and fields of study. While DEEP mainly conduct applied research, we also hold interests in basic research in areas such as cognition and perception.


Lars-Olof Johansson, Professor
Social justice, moral choice, environmental behaviour, resource assessments

Cecilia J Bergstad, Senior lecturer/Associate professor
Motivation, Attitudes, attitude change, norms, behavioral change, acceptability of environmental policies, sustainable transportation and mobility, well-being

Martin Hedesström, Senior lecturer/Associate professor
Judgement and decision making, nudging, economic psychology, stock market psychology

Andreas Nilsson, Professor

Attitudes, attitude change, norms, behavioral change, policies

André Hansla, Senior lecturer/Associate professor
Attitudes, judgements, risk taking, scarcity

Niklas Fransson, Senior lecturer/Associate professor

Psychology of music, morality, social psychology

Sandra Buratti, Senior lecturer/Associate professor
Assessments and decisions in relation to knowledge and memory; styles of decision making; stress; the psychology of ageing

Chris von Borgstede, Senior lecturer/Associate professor

Attitudes, attitude change, norms, behavioral change, sustainable energy behaviours

Carl-Christian Trönnberg, Senior lecturer
Collective intelligence in agile teams

Magnus Bergquist, Researcher/lecturer
Behavioral change, Interventions, social norms, social influence, meta-analysis

Pär Bjälkebring, Senior lecturer
The interplay of affect and deliberation in judgements and decision-making

Sofiia Skipor, Doctoral student