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Internationalization from a global perspective

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At the department, internationalization is conducted with student and teacher exchanges to all over the world. In Europe, we work within the Erasmus project, and outside Europe, the Erasmus plus project. We also have student and teacher exchanges within Linnaeus-Palme projects with developing countries. Experiences of this internationalization are expressed in smaller projects related to, among other things, the University of Gothenburg's "vision 2020" where the importance of internationalization is highlighted, which is also supported by SOU 2018: 3, where increased internationalization is emphasized.

Various projects are in progress related to themes such as: cultural competency, clinical leadership, curriculum development and person-centered care (GPCC). In addition, there are research networks nationally and internationally which collaborate on various research issues in close collaboration with the healthcare business. Internationalization at the department can be seen in the form of scientific articles on internationalization.