Vitor sitting outside a café drinking coffee
Photo: Isac Lundmark

Vitor Bonvino studied an exchange semester in Gothenburg


Brazilian exchange student Vitor Bonvino has spent a semester in Gothenburg and would like to recommend the experience.

How come you chose Gothenburg for your exchange?

"Sweden is regarded as one of the most sustainable countries in the world. The culture around sustainability is very embedded in Swedish society, which made me interested in what it would be like living and experiencing a different culture"

What is it like to do an exchange semester in Gothenburg?

"It’s very interesting due to the difference in the way the courses are structured, the courses in Brazil have the duration of the entire semester, and during the semester a student has multiple courses at the same time. Here, the courses are shorter in duration. I would recommend it without a doubt!"

How has social life been for you as an exchange student?

"Students are friendly! And the university as well as the student union offers multiple events that help exchange students integrate socially."

What is your impression of Gothenburg as a city?

"Compared to São Paulo, where my home university is, here you have fewer nightlife options but much more outside activities and nature to be seen. Gothenburg is calmer and it’s easier to wander around town due to its size and good public transportation and it's not far away from nature. Being able to walk around town without any safety concerns is also fantastic."

Vitor outside the School entrance
Photo: Isac Lundmark

What did you study during your exchange semester?

"I studied Financial History, Health Economics, The Swedish Model in the Labor Market and Growth and Welfare from a Historical Perspective. All courses are related and helped me to understand the “Swedish approach” to economics, health care and social policies. Back in São Paulo, I study a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration"

You seem interested in sustainability questions – can you tell us about the differences between Sweden and Brazil when it comes to this?

"Sweden is a much more prepared country in terms of sustainability, recycling, for example, is pretty much everywhere with proper infrastructure around it, unlike in Brazil where recycling is an exception and not the norm."

Why do you think it is important to do exchange semesters?

"It’s very important to meet new people and experience different cultures, not just the Swedish but also the other cultures that come with exchange students from various countries. Also, to try and absorb the knowledge of specific subjects the university can offer with greater expertise. For example, Swedish policies that have proven successful and professors that have in-depth knowledge and local research to present that might not be available in your home university."