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Update from Marcus, Double Degree student at LUISS, Italy


Marcus WahlbergMarcus Wahlberg has studied and completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the School of Business, Economics and Law and is now a first year student in the MSc programme Innovation and Industrial Management. Marcus is part of the Double Degree programme with LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, Italy, which means that he will spend his first year studying at LUISS and then come back to Sweden and do his final year here at the School of Business, Economics and Law.

How do you think this experience will benefit your master studies and future career?

I think it will really benefit my future career because of LUISS excellent reputation in Italy/southern Europe. I think it's always beneficial to spend time abroad to get to know people from all around the world, which enhances knowledge, since people have different academic/professional/life background. Another thing is of course the fact that I will get two Master’s Degrees that looks pretty sweet. Lastly, I think the courses here in Italy are very focused on Operational Management which I think is interesting and it will certainly be useful later (for example we do Advanced Financial Mathematics).

What are your first experiences from LUISS?

Classroom at LUISSI knew that LUISS was a top of the class university in Italy before I arrived, and that image has certainly been reinforced while here. So far, the overall feeling is that LUISS has adopted an international approach towards classes, bureaucracy etc. The quality of the lecturers is generally high, but naturally some are better than others. LUISS is also closely linked with an industry confederation and there are frequent visits from companies.

I would say that the teaching method is a bit different, as the teacher is standing in the front of the class lecturing, whereas I am more used to the group oriented way of learning of the School of Business, Economics and Law. Another difference is the fact that we have 5 courses simultaneous, which is new to me. The courses that I am studying this autumn are Advanced financial mathematics, International economics and industry dynamics, Market, regulation and law, Performance measurement and financial reporting and Italian language course.

The atmosphere of the University is relaxed however one can certainly feel that students are proud to attend LUISS, which is a private university. From what I have understood, there is a huge difference between attending a public and a private university in Italy, and not just fee-wise, but also in terms of future prospects for employment.

LUISS has a “buddy programme” which I chose to enroll in. Apart from my Italian buddy, I also hang out with some of the Italians from class and I feel that the class here is very welcoming to us international students.

Is LUISS located near the city?

The university is centrally located. It is also close to two of Rome's most grand parks, villa Borghese and villa Ada.

What about the campus?

The campus is absolutely great with green areas to sit on and a cafe with four baristas dishing out excellent espressos and lattes, which is a big plus since days sometimes last from 8.30 am. to 7 pm. Another big plus is the canteen at LUISS, where you can have a very affordable lunch or even dinner for less than 30 kr.

LUISS Campus