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Thomas Sterner will monitor France's investment in green finances


The French government is investing in increasing the share of green finances to reach the climate targets. On 11 December, the Green OAT Evaluation Council was presented to monitor the work. Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg, will be part of the council.

In conjunction with the One Planet Summit in Paris, were corporate executives and political leaders discussed financing the effects of climate change, France presented the largest investment in green bonds so far worth 10 billion Euro. The French Treasury Department has appointed a committee to oversee the loan where Professor Thomas Sterner will be included.

Thomas Sterner works at the Department of Economics at the School of Business, University of Gothenburg. His research is about climate and environmental economics focusing on energy issues and policy instruments. During the academic year 2015-2016 he was a visiting professor at the prestigious Collège de France in Paris.