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Time series for worry in Sweden
Worry about different social issues in Sweden. Swedish trends 1986-2020 page 21.

Swedish trends 1986-2020


Curious about what Swedes do and think? The SOM Institute at University of Gothenburg has conducted public opinion research for more than 35 years. This is the most recent version of the time series report Swedish trends.

Swedish trends is the SOM Institute's most accessible international publication for time series regarding opinion, habits and views of the Swedish general population. It is based on the vast SOM surveys, conducted every autumn since 1986. Dive right in to follow Swedish public opinion over time.

Time series for leisure activities such as movie going and visiting restaurants
Several leisure activities have plummeted during the pandemic (Swedish trends 1986-2020 page 13)

Changes in habits during the pandemic

The most recent iteration of Swedish trends shows some direct effects of the pandemic in Sweden. Short term effects are evident in areas such as institutional trust, news consumption and regular habits. However, results also indicate areas characterized by stability over time. The long term perspective of the SOM surveys allow researchers to keep following Swedish society and see where the pandemic may have lasting effects.

The national SOM surveys
  • Quantitative data collecting project, annually since 1986
  • Paperback questionnaires sent out by standard mail
  • Random sample of more than 20 000 swedes between ages of 16-85
  • Net response rates around 50 percent