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RNA methylation affects the circadian clock in marine seagrasses


New publication from CeMEB member Marlene Jahnke provides unique insight in the regulation of circadian-clock functions in marine plants.

Vascular plants´ successful colonisation of the marine environment was based on adaptive changes in genes regulating for example the circadian clock. RNA methylation (m6A) is known to influence the clockwork in several species, but so far no studies have been conducted in marine plants. In this article, we present results suggesting that RNA methylation might widely participate in the regulation of gene expression and circadian-clock functions in two species of seagrass: Zostera marina and Cymodocea nodosa. Future studies could provide valuable information on the role of m6A-RNA methylation for plant physiological rhythms and environmental adaptations.

Read the articlem6A RNA Methylation in Marine Plants: First Insights and Relevance for Biological Rhythms

Authors: Miriam Ruocco, Luca Ambrosino, Marlene Jahnke, Maria Luisa Chiusano, Isabel Barrote, Gabriele Procaccini, João Silva and Emanuela Dattolo

Published in International Journal of Molecular Science,  October 2020.