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New project on Knowledge and Science Tourism, financed by BFUF


New project on Knowledge and Science Tourism, financed by BFUF

The R&D Fund of Swedish Tourism & Hospitality industry (BFUF) advertises research funds each year to tourism research. This year they have decided the application from the Centre for Tourism (CFT) on “Knowledge tourism as an attraction and a resource” with 1.7 million SEK. The aim of the project is to explore, establish and show the potential of knowledge and Science tourism in collaboration with the tourism industry, public organizations and the civil society.

The project will run for two years (2020-2022) with researchers from four faculties at the University of Gothenburg and CFT, and several external partners. Three themes are studied in the project: Science tourism, Brand/concept, and Conveying and consuming knowledge tourism. Contact the responsible researchers for more information about the project.

Project start: 1 April 2020

Responsible researchers at CFT:
Maria Persson (Department of Historical Studies),
Eva Maria Jernsand (Business Administration)
Erik Lundberg (Business Administration)

External partners: Sotenäs Symbioscentrum, Research stations Tjärnö and Kristineberg, Uddevalla municipality Vitlycke museum, Västarvet and the National Property Board, Sweden.