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More external funding to CERGU researchers


This project aims to show how the close mercantile relations between Gothenburg and Asia have evolved and changed over the last 400 years, and will continue to make its mark on the city's near and long term future. The project analyzes current trends in the contemporary development of Gothenburg-Asia relations. In addition it formulates various future scenarios for the 2021 400 year anniversery regarding how Gothenburg is influenced by increased Asian ownership and control of Swedish goods and service producing companies, while smaller and medium-sized Gothenburg niche manufacturing and service companies also seek to establish themselves in Asian countries. The reciprocal exchange of skilled labor is also expected to increase substantially. The project will be carried out by a research group in the Centre for International Business Studies, Economics and Law at Göteborg University and it is funded by the Anna Ahrenberg Foundation in conjunction with Gothenburg's 400 years jubilee and its Göteborg 2021 initiative.