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Meet Maral - first year student in the Entrepreneurship program


 Entrepreneurship student MaralMaral is a first year student in the Master’s program in Entrepreneurship. She is from Iran and came to Sweden to study for her Master’s degree.

She chose this program since she has always had a passion to start a business and be a successful entrepreneur.

What are your expectations?

I expect to gain the skills I need for starting a business or renewing businesses. I think that this program is very well designed and we will be prepared for the job market.

What do you like the most about your program?

Well, I believe that I built a network with various people of different backgrounds; all of my friends are from different professional backgrounds and countries. This makes the School more international and creates a multicultural environment, where you can benefit from other students' knowledge and culture. It is precious that you get to meet someone from Vietnam or Cameron for example. You get to try their food, learn from their culture and this creates value for my personal development as well as professional development.

What is the hardest with the program?

Well, the hardest are the exams (laughing)!

What do you think about the teachers?

All the teachers have a very native English accent, which makes it easier for students from different backgrounds to follow the lectures and understand what teachers say. All the teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and young and they have a very good understanding of students' need. They are not only teachers for the School, they are friends for a lifetime. What I mean is that they are very welcoming and that you can always talk to them about the problems or issues you have now or you may have in the future.

What will you do in the future?

My first priority is to study Ph.D. after graduation. If it does not happen, I would like to start working with an international company where I can increase my skills in management and later start my own business.

What do you think about job opportunities?

Wow, there exist various opportunities for students who graduate from this program. During this program students gain both knowledge and experience to start either their own business or joining their desired companies. Big companies like EY, Deloitte, Nestle and many others meet students in the faculty to get to know them and to answer all their questions regarding their recruitment process and organizational culture. These meeting helps students to know more about the companies they would like to work in.

What do you like the most about the school?

Definitely the friendly and international environment, as well as the relationship created between teachers, students, and alumni. These are the thing I like the most because by building a better relationship with other people I can learn more from them and use their knowledge and experience in my life and career.

What makes Gothenburg and Sweden a great place to study?

Gothenburg is a multinational city. People are very welcoming to help you and you can easily communicate with almost everyone in English, which is a big advantage for international students. Sweden itself is a country that supports startups and entrepreneurship. If you have an idea, here is where you can start!

Any tips for future students?

Use the best of your time in the university to build your network, to meet new people and to experience new activities. Anything new you learn today will add an extra value to your future career!