Maureen McKelvey at inaugural event for the European-American Chamber of Commerce


Maureen McKelvey – professor in Industrial Management and Economics at Department of Economy & Society as well as the centre U-GOT KIES, at University of Gothenburg – participated in the inaugural event for the European-American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) Texas.

Maureen McKelvey sitting in a chair on a stage
Maureen McKelvey at the event in Texas
Photo: Handelshögskolan

The goal of the EACC is to stimulate transatlantic business discussions. Texas is becoming a magnet for investments by both technology firms and Fortune 500 companies, and thereby attracting many highly educated people to the state. Hence, this inaugural event marks an important step in linking Texas with Europe, and included two panels on, respectively, digitalization and innovation, as well as a speech by the EU Ambassador.

McKelvey gave insights about the European – and especially Swedish – knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems on the panel on “Innovation as a Driver of Economic Improvement: Texas and Europe”. The panel was an interesting discussion together with: Christian Blackwell, Managing Partner, Opus Faveo; Trey Bowles (moderator), CoFounder and President, InnoCity Partners LLC; and Mitch Jacobson, Executive Director, Austin Technology Incubator, University of Texas. The discussion centred around important issues for both companies and public policy – including the the efficiency of different forms o innovation ecosystems; how to innovation in the higher education system; and the attractivity of regions which can attract talent to universities and business in particular sectors.

About 100 people participated in the various events during the inauguration of the EACC Texas, including Swedish participants working in Texas at IKEA, Ericsson and as private entrepreneurs. Professor McKelvey made valuable contacts, and states “We hope to further explore connections between EACC, Texas and University of Gothenburg in the future”.

About the EACC

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