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Malaysia's View on the European Union's External Policies on Development And Gender Equality

The European Union (EU) has made it an explicit objective to "foster" development and gender equality in countries around the world through its external policies. The EU as a so-called "normative power" has been extensively covered in academic literature. However, scant attention has been devoted to the EU's attempts to promote gender equality - and even less attention devoted towards understanding how this is perceived by other countries around the globe. This project therefore draws attention towards how Malaysian policy makers and civil society actors percieve the EU as a "normative power" - and how they perceive and respond the EU's attempts to "foster gender-equality" in Malaysia.

Anja K. Franck holds a PhD in economic geography and currently works as a CERGU-financed researcher at the School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research focuses upon the relationship between economic development and globalization and place-based social relations - with a particular emphasis upon labor market relations. Geographically her research focuses on Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region.