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Jonas Ivarsson is a newly appointed professor - this time in informatics

Jonas Ivarsson is a new professor of informatics from 19 March, 2020.

Jonas has a background in cognitive science and was between 2013 and 2019 professor of education at the University of Gothenburg. Having shifted direction, in 2019 he moved to the Department of Applied IT and informatics.

Congratulations Jonas! How does it feel to become a professor – again?

Jonas Ivarsson

– Thanks! Well it feels great, of course. My friends and colleagues didn’t really understand what happened when I switched departments. I used to be a professor and suddenly I wasn’t any longer, even though I was still working at the same university. This resulted in some surprised comments. So it's nice that my research career now is back in order! And it feels great that the Vice-Chancellor, the Academic Appointments' Board, and the experts have considered that I have the qualifications needed to represent the subject informatics, the research area I belong to now.

– When I moved from the Faculty of Education to the IT Faculty, it was because of my stronger focus on the use of artificial intelligence in different contexts. Now we have funding for a research project on trust and AI for five years and we are recruiting two new doctoral students to the group. I'm really looking forward to participating in the IT Faculty's research on this.