CFT awards two research grants to study tourism during the COVID-19 crisis


CFT released a call for urgent grant before the summer. Two project proposals have now been awarded with 100 000 SEK each.

John Magnus Roos, researcher at the Centre for Consumption Research (CFK), will use the grant to collect survey data in the project “Tourist worries and personality traits among tourists during the COVID-19”. One focus in the project is to explore tourist worries and personality traits in relation to travel distances of domestic tourist destinations.

Contact John Magnus Roos for more information about the project:        

The other grant was awarded to Shahryar Sorooshian, associate professor at the Department of business administration. The objective of his study is to get an understanding of the readiness of Sweden's tourism industry for Digital tourism in the project “Sweden Readiness for Digital Tourism in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis and Post-COVID-19 Trend”.

Contact Shahryar Sorooshian for more information about the project: