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Call for new editors for the IMISCOE journal Comparative Migration Studies


The journal Comparative Migration Studies (CMS) invites applications for several new members of the Editorial Board.

In particular, CMS invites non-European scholars working on migration and (migration-related) diversity from various disciplines, including sociology, demography, anthropology, political sciences, law, geography and economics.

Comparative Migration Studies is an international peer-reviewed journal that is included in SCOPUS and associated with the IMISCOE Research Network.

CMS distinguishes itself as a journal on three elements:

  • An explicit comparative orientation: We believe that a focus on comparative research can promote the theoretical development of migration studies. This can involve various types of comparative studies (between countries, groups, levels, historical periods).
  • A wide disciplinary angle: CMS aims to develop a wide disciplinary angle, such as political science, economics, law, history, demography, social geography, sociology, cultural studies, literature, psychology and anthropology.
  • An open access journal: We believe open access nowadays is the best way to get the widest possible exposure for the work published in our journal. Publishing your articles with CMS means that other scholars will have easy access to your work and will be more likely to actually read it and refer to it. Due to the association with IMISCOE, CMS is the only journal in our field that publishes peer-reviewed articles without requiring any form of author-fees.

In order to develop the journal further, and to make sure that all relevant disciplines and methodological traditions are well represented, the editorial board will be expanded.

We invite applications from scholars from various disciplines, working in the field of migration studies and with a special interest in comparative research.

Being member of the editorial board means that you will be involved in policymaking regarding the journal and that as editor you will be in charge of reviewing articles that are in your area of expertise (on average a couple of hours per month). 

How to apply

Applications should include 1 A4 with a motivation letter and a full CV. Applications should be sent to no later than January 1st 2019.

The current editorial board will select a number of applicants for a personal meeting. Subsequently, we expect to add 3-4 new members to the editorial board of CMS.

For more information on the journal, please visit or

The original call at IMISCOE's website