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12 new doctoral students at the department of Business Administration


12 new doctoral students join the department of Business Administration, 11 in business administration and 1 in economic geography.

From left to right:

1. Irina Balog, Marketing
2. Seyed Mahmoud Hosseinniakani, Accounting
3. Misty Rawls, Marketing
4. Robin Bankel, Marketing
5. Josefin Andersson Sols, Accounting
6. Christofer Montell, Accounting
7. Laurence Wainwright, Management & Organisation
8. Stefan Sjögren, Director of Studies postgraduate studies
9. Daniel Tyskbo, Management & Organisation
10. Jimi Nilsson, Economic Geography
11. Lena Eriksson Tanemar, Postgraduate Studies Officer
12. Zeeshan Raza, Industrial and financial economy & Logistics
13. Alena Brettmo, Industrial and financial economy & Logistics

Not in the picture:
Kamran Rashidi, Industrial and financial economy & Logistics