Grafisk bild: vit bakgrund med texten Upplösning och olika former i skiftande färger.
Photo: Illustration: Irvandy Syafruddin

Upplösning – Graduation Exhibition BFA and MFA Craft

Culture and languages

The resolution of an extensive period of study is unfolding when the finishing students from HDK-Valand’s craft program present their final works.

25 May 2023 - 30 May 2023
Kronhuset, Postgatan 6-8, 411 13 Göteborg

HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design

Contemporary experiences and memories from the past are disintegrated, reworked and makeup new constellations. In the complicated lies challenges and from here interesting paths extend onwards. Processes open and closes, works of art take shape. Knots are tightened and unraveled, tensions released. The weave is binding, the smithery stretched and the clay is pressed.

To study craft is to be present with all your senses to the world around you and the material before you. It means to choose actively and bravely, sieve, shape and join. In the exhibition you will be able to see the story’s resolution, where both the end of an education and the start of a profession takes place. In the student’s hands concepts and material has been reshaped, dissolved and assembled, to tactile, heartfelt and cerebral artworks. 

A new generation is flowing out in the world. 

In Swedish ”Upplösning” could mean the resolution of a story but also the dissolvement of a group, matter or knot. 

Thursday May 25: 15:00–20:00
Friday May 26–Tuesday May 30: 12:00-18:00

Thursday May 25 at 18:00

Master's programme in Craft
Specialization Ceramic Art:
Zuz Wilkirska, Imad Rashdan, Johanna Löwenhamn

Specialization Jewellery Art:
Jenny Jansson

Specialization Textile Art:
Fanny Schwarz, Joe Ross, Naomi Sussex, Terese Molin

Bachelor's programme in Craft
Specialization Ceramic Art:
Anna Johansson Östberg, Emma Sophia Green, Mira Kysinger Lowejko, Malin Lidén, Emma Samuelsson

Specialization Jewellery Art:
Cecilia Björertz, Ellen Axberg, Hulda Grahn, Nora Hellsén, Gwynn Jago, Jennifer Omberg, Hady Rendón Rios

Specialization Textile Art:
Pauline Nolegård, Linnea Nordenberg, Elina Säfsten, Sophie Toresson, Johanna Engström

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