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To celebrate the launch of the PARSE journal, issue #12: Human, the editors have invited Garðar Eyjólfsson and Jeuno JE Kim+ Ewa Einhorn to broadcast, share and discuss ideas relating to their practices.

30 Nov 2020
17:00 - 18:30
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Eyjólfsson’s current speculative design fiction project: Barbara: A Tale of Transformation, explores a possible future where our current notion of the human is somewhat altered. We are introduced to a hirsute fantasy, born from a contemporary culture and climate in crisis.

Eyjólfsson invites us to experience this future world in this presentation.

Krabstadt is a fictional universe created by Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim and is a long-term project which exams Nordic political and cultural history and image-building.  Using animation forms, the project grasps at current topics of migration, unemployment, gender and feminism.

Krabstadt is a fictional frontier town located in the arctic area where all the Nordic countries send their unwanteds. 

At the launch Einhorn & Kim will present a computer game Krabstadt: Arrabbiata Wants A Raise where the potential of animation as a tool for critique and satire, and rights of nature are deployed.  We will also try to play the game together via voting on zoom.

The discussion will be moderated by Elena Raviola, Professor of Design at HDK-Valand.