Graduation show: HDK-Valand craft at Kronhuset May 20-29, 2022

"Nerves" – Graduation show, BFA and MFA Craft

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Graduation show with students from HDK-Valand's crafts educations in Gothenburg. See their fantastic works in ceramic art, jewellery art and textile art at Kronhuset.

20 May 2022 - 29 May 2022
Kronhuset, Postgatan, Göteborg
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HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg, together with Kronhuset Kreativ Arena

Official opening

Friday May 20, at 16.00-19.00

Opening hours

Saturday May 20 through Sunday May 29, daily at 12.00-18.00


Emotions and craftsmanship are connected, and emotions are registered through the nervous system. Students' attention alternates between their fingertips and the world around us, navigates between tactility and intellect. Surrounded by the drama of the world, this has been a strategy for this year's degree students in arts and crafts. Together they tell about who we are in a time of changes.

Nothing is like it was

In a few years, the collective consciousness has been forced to absorb unwanted experiences. We know that viruses are contagious, that the earth is on loan and that evil exists, but to experience it to an overwhelming extent - that's another matter.

The students who are now graduating from bachelor and master programs in Arts and Crafts have, like everyone else, been surrounded by the drama of the world during their studies. Of course, it has affected them - emotion and craftsmanship are connected, and emotion is registered through the nervous system.

The degree exhibition is characterized by attendance. Together, all the different projects  depict where we find ourselves, as a scan of our collective lives. Students' attention alternate between their fingertips and the world around us,  navigating between tactility and intellect. The nerves work, send signals, communicate and create understanding.

A new generation of artists opens doors to new ways of understanding the world.

Anna T Wolgers, Professor in Crafts, HDK-Valand

Participating students

Ceramic art, BA3

  • Axel Danhard
  • Erica Gabrielsson
  • Isa Eriksson
  • Klara Lord
  • Malin Uhlén
  • Maria Widegren
  • Mathilda Cederkvist
  • Vilma Fredriksson

Jewellery art, BA3

  • Daria Edström
  • Elise Heine
  • Jiayang Huang
  • Malin Viktorsson
  • Sara Wallstedt

Textile art, BA3

  • Annika Alsenfors
  • Esse McChesney
  • Karin Kauppi
  • Malin Mattebo
  • Mikaela Eira Wallin
  • Wilma Tesch

Ceramic art, MA3

  • Amanda Krantz
  • Amelie Persson
  • Anne-Marie Dehon
  • Antonia Haglund
  • Marilen Rauch

Jewellery art, MA3

  • Anna-Maria Saar
  • Therese Johansson

Textile art, MA3

  • Angelica Strandberg
  • Anna Hulth
  • Ben-Hui Grâce Wu
  • Erik Torstensson
  • Klara Albertsson

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