Students on the boat "Paddan"
Photo: Per Moksnes

Master presentations in Sea and Society 2022

Sustainability and environment
Science and Information Technology
Society and economy

The students at the Master's Programme in Sea and Society present their thesis work.

2 Jun 2022
3 Jun 2022
09:30 - 15:30
09:30 - 11:30
Botanhuset, Lecture hall ”Hörsalen” (June 2), Room 5 (June 3)

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In english.
Centre for Sea and Society

June 2


Julia Sandsten

Challenges of cross-border collaboration and coordination in marine national parks

A case study from the north-eastern Skagerrak region

Supervisor: Andrea Morf

Examiner: Per Knutsson


Frederick Walters

Maritime multi-use as a tool for the facilitation of economic growth and ecological sustainability

Conflicts and synergies between wind energy and other sectors

Supervisor: Mats Lindegarth

Examiner: Per Knutsson




Kaung Thu

The Implications of heavy fuel oil ban in Arctic waters for sustainable arctic shipping

Systematic Literature Review

Supervisor: Marta Gonzalez-Aregall

Examiner: Lena Gipperth


Mutiat Adewuyi

Arctic maritime transportation – legal framework that contribute towards the reduction of GHG emission from shipping

Supervisor: Vonintsoa Rafaly

Examiner: Lena Gipperth




Jesper Hassellöv

Non-market goods derived from restoring flads, are they worth the trouble?

Combining ecological and economic knowledge

Supervisor: Per Moksnes

Examiner: Mats Lindegarth


Lucas Le Gall

Development of a model to categorise the invasion phases of Magallana gigas on the Swedish west coast

Supervisor: Pierre de Wit

Examiner: Mats Lindegarth


Patricia Bonoh

Stakeholders’ knowledge of mangrove values and intentions towards conserving and sustainable exploitation of mangrove forest resources

Supervisor: Per Moksnes

Examiner: Gunilla Toth




Rebecca van den Brand

Addressing the future: ecosystem services of nature-based solutions to coastal protection

Measuring biodiversity gains and benefits to human well-being for generations to come

Supervisor: Gunilla Toth

Examiner: Kerstin Johannesson


June 3


Isak Sonn Lökholm

Displaying marine activities in public waters

A Comparison of Marine Cadastres in the Nordic, from a Swedish Perspective

Supervisor: Per Bergström

External supervisors: Magdalena Andersson and Per Sörbom, Lantmäteriet

Examiner: Niklas Harring


Linda Pjons

Assessing the contribution of small-scale fisheries to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Peru

Supervisor: Milena Schreiber Arias

Examiner: Matthias Obst


Josefin Ekstedt

Diversification of seaweed farming

Gendered livelihoods and food security in Zanzibar

Supervisor: Milena Schreiber Arias

Examiner: Sam Dupont


Geoffrey Ziccardi

Nothing fishy about recirculating aquaculture

Resident Attitudes and Preferences Associated with Local RAS Development

Supervisor: Erik Lundberg

Examiner: Sam Dupont


Christoph Leitner

Ocean literacy in Swedish curriculum

Supervisor: Geraldine Fauville

Examiner: Sam Dupont

Christopher Havton  

Observing salinity effects on green macroalgae from the Skagerrak and Baltic Sea

And the challenges of seaweed aquaculture regulations in Sweden

Supervisor: Sophie Steinhagen

Examiner: Kerstin Johannesson

Elida Lundgren

Cultivating red seaweed Palmaria palmata

Cultivation method and attitudes in the seaweed industry

Supervisor: Henrik Pavia

Examiner: Gunilla Toth

Femke van Toor

Exploring risks of blue economy developments to people’s livelihood

A case study of Namibia’s coastal communities

Supervisor: Per Knutsson

Examiner: Per Hallén

Annabel Kerd

New stakeholder at the Arctic Ocean?

Understanding Arctic yacht sailors’ travel motives and perception on Arctic yachting regulatory framework

Supervisor: Gabriela Argüello

Examiner:  Lena Gipperth

Siri Norelius

Mapping benefits from using marine and coastal ecosystem service in Namibia

Supervisor: Per Moksnes

Examiner:  Matthias Obst