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Lyfa Skog

Lunch webinar – Forests as destinations

Sustainability and environment
Society and economy

Hear about two projects where the Swedish forest is utilised as a meeting place, recreational space and as accommodation: Skogshotellet (Forest hotel) and Lyfta Skog (Lifting Forest). The webinar is in English, free of charge and online. Please register to get the zoom link.

9 Sep 2021
12:00 - 13:00
Online, zoom link is sent upon registration

The seminar is organised by the Centre for tourism and Business & Design Lab, both at University of Gothenburg

In this third webinar in the university's seminar series on design, tourism and place development. This time we will hear about two interesting and innovative projects where the Swedish forest is explored and utilised as a meeting place, recreational space and as accommodation. Monica Andersson, one of the founders of the company Skog & Spis, will present their glamping concept Skogshotellet, the Forest Hotel, and designers Alice Hultdin and Johan Andersson present the project Lyfta Skog , Lifting Forest. Welcome!


12:00-12:05 Introduction to the seminar series by Erik Lundberg at the Centre for tourism, University of Gothenburg   

12:05-12:10 The webinar moderator introduces the seminar topic and presenters 

12:10-12:25 Monika Andersson presents the organisation Skog & Spis and their glamping concept – Skogshotellet (Forest Hotel) 

12:25-12:40 Alice Hultdin and Johan Andersson present the activating project Lyfta skog (Lifting Forest) 

12:40-12:55 Discussion  

12:55-13:00 Wrap up and invitation to coming seminars  

Skogshotellet (Forest Hotel) 

The founders, Monika Andersson and Alexandra Pettifor, of the company Skog & Spis AB who runs Skogshotellet (the Forest hotel), wanted to offer people an opportunity to wind down and take a break from the stress of everyday life, as well as they wished to attract those who may not normally spend the day outside to explore nature. Guests who have chosen to spend the night in the hotel-tent will wake up to the smells and sounds of nature. Excursions are possible, as is just sitting still and recharging new energy. 

Lyfta skog (Lifting Forest)  

Lyfta skog is a public gym in the forest in Dals Långed, Dalsland, designed and built by Alice Hultdin and Johan Andersson. The two designers wanted to create a space in the forest that was made of material and formations that is found naturally in the forest. Thus, visitors will find training equipment made out of logs, stubs, ditches and stones. This ties the gym conceptually to Dalsland, an area well known for its woodlands and beautiful nature, and it allows residents and visitors to utilize nature in new ways.  

About the seminar series 

The seminar is organised by the Centre for tourism and Business & Design Lab, both at University of Gothenburg. The purpose of the seminar- and workshop series is to achieve increased knowledge of and collaboration between actors who are at the intersection of design, tourism and place development. The series also intends to lead to new projects and constellations where actors from private and public organizations as well as teachers, researchers and students collaborate. 

Centre for tourism
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Business & Design Lab 
In Business and Design Lab, researchers with interest in interdisciplinary research in design, economics, artificial intelligence (AI) and technology meet. The aim is to foster dialogue between disciplines, and to understand and actively re-imagine the way we design our society and the economy. For more info: