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ESSENCE 2023 - 2nd International Conference

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2nd international ESSENCE conference 2023 in Cape Town with knowledge as to how to discover, assess & intervene in neurodevelopmental disorders.

3 Apr 2023
4 Apr 2023
5 Apr 2023
15:00 - 20:00
09:00 - 22:00
09:00 - 16:20
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A dual platform/hybrid conference
Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre and Neurodiversity Centre

We are delighted to provide you with information about the 2nd International ESSENCE Conference, which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 3 – 5 April 2023. The conference is a dual platform/hybrid conference

In 2009, Professor Christopher Gillberg coined the term ESSENCE (Early Symptomatic Syndromes Eliciting Neurodevelopmental Clinical Examinations) to draw attention to the very early onset and overlap of neurodevelopmental symptoms that signal the need for early diagnosis and intervention.

ESSENCE is at the heart of the research undertaken by the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre in Sweden and the work of the Neurodiversity Centre in South Africa.  ESSENCE encompasses all of the symptoms and disorders that are included under labels such as autism, ADHD, learning disability, speech and language disorder, dyslexia, developmental coordination disorder, tic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and reactive attachment disorder and behavioural phenotype syndromes (such as fragile X, 22q11 deletion syndrome, tuberous sclerosis and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder). These conditions all overlap with each other, and if a child (or adult) is diagnosed with one of them, he/she will need to be screened for all the others in the ESSENCE group.

In April 2018, more than 30 international experts from our large network came together to offer the very latest evidence and guidance in the field of ESSENCE. This 1st International ESSENCE conference was a huge success with 1500 international delegates attending.

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th April 2023, the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre Sweden in partnership with University of Gothenburg and the Neurodiversity Centre, South Africa, will be co-hosting the 2nd International ESSENCE conference in South Africa. Everyone attending will come away from this big event feeling energized with new knowledge as to how to discover, assess and intervene in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus a significant virtual division has been added to the 2023 conference to prevent the conference from being cancelled or postponed, should an in-person conference not be possible due to the Corona outbreak.

For perhaps as many as 10% to 15% percent of African children, ESSENCE symptoms and disorders are an added burden to the significant vulnerabilities and adverse exposures they already face.  These only increase the likelihood of children dropping out of education into structural unemployment, social alienation, and dysfunction. The 2nd International ESSENCE conference will bring all the latest ‘knowledge’ in this field to South Africa – and help us all in being able to bridge the gaps in the evidence and research base around neurodevelopmental problems.

During the exciting three days, delegates will have the opportunity to listen to – and engage with – many of the most distinguished international experts in the field of ESSENCE.  The 2nd ESSENCE conference will not only disseminate state-of-the-art and up to date knowledge in the field, but also create important new contacts and collaborations, strengthen existing relationships and raise awareness of all forms of ESSENCE in Southern Africa, Africa, Europe and around the world.

If you are looking to meet new clients or reach decision-makers working in all fields of neurodevelopment, education, public health and the business sector; network, launch a new product or service, generate front-line exposure and raise both the awareness and profile of your company – and explore potential opportunities and contributions on the African continent, our ESSENCE 2023 international conference will provide the perfect platform to do so.