Archaeologist Dr Tomasz Gralak gives four lectures

Culture and languages

Archaeologist Dr Tomasz Gralak at the University of Wroclaw, Poland will be visiting us through the Erasmus+ program.

10 May 2022 - 13 May 2022

Institutionen för historiska studier

Tomasz will offer four lectures during the week that are open and should be of interest to everyone, students and scholars alike, particularly in the fields of Archaeology and Classical studies.
(Please distribute this announcement to all your students (first-, second, and third-cycle)).

Please note there is no requirement to participate in all four lectures, you can attend those that your schedule allows. 


  • May 10, 10.15–12.00 (C364) The meaning of Bronze Age art – selected questions
  •  May 11, 10.15–12.00 (J411) The beginning of the Iron Age in Central Europe as an intellectual and social process
  •  May 12, 10.15–12.00 (J411) La Tene culture’s art
  •  May 13, 10.15–12.00 (C364) The art of European Barbaricum   

More about  Dr Tomasz Gralak

Tomasz is a co-author (with Kristian Kristiansen and Karl-Göran Sjögren, among others) of the 2015 Nature paper Population Genomics of Bronze Age Europe. He has been a fellow at SCAS in Uppsala, and Lotte Hedeager reports that this book is brilliant: