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Cathryn Klasto

About Cathryn Klasto


I am* a trans-disciplinary scholar and educator with a background in history of art (BA), gender and sexuality studies (MA) and architecture (PhD). My work falls within the realm of critical spatial practice, in that it explores the intersections between art-architecture (and other disciplinary fields), theory-practice, and public(s)-private(s). Within this terrain, I am committed to co-building lines of flight which centre (xeno)feminist (ie. anti-naturalist, pro-trans, anti-racist, queer, techno-material, eco) politics.

Current subjects of enquiry include: visualising networks, mapping relations, building archives, techno-materialism, meta-ethics (particularly in relation to the non-human), spatial writing, urban ecologies, spatial poetics and citational politics.

*pronouns are she/her/they/them