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Cathryn Klasto

About Cathryn Klasto


///// I am* a transdisciplinary scholar and educator, a status which has been fostered in line with a diverse educational background having gained a BA from the University of Warwick (UK) in History of Art, an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies (UK) in Gender and Sexuality studies, and a PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK) in Architecture (in collaboration with the School of East Asian Studies).

My work typically falls within the realm of critical spatial practice, in that it seeks to explore the intersections between art-architecture (and other disciplinary fields), theory-practice, and public(s)-private(s). Due to the nature of transdisciplinary thought, I have a range of pedagogical and research interests, including: visualising and mapping networks of relations, building and spatially activating archives, ethics (with a focus on feminist meta-ethics), xenofeminist politics, spatial writing, tracing micro urban ecologies, spatial poetics, citational politics, and contemporary spatial practice in Japan. //////////



*pronouns are she/they