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Cathryn Klasto

About Cathryn Klasto


///// I am* a transdisciplinary educator and theorice (ie. I make theory as a critical practice). This position has been fostered in line with a diverse educational background having gained a BA from the University of Warwick (UK) in History of Art, an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies (UK) in Gender and Sexuality studies, and a PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK) in Architecture (in collaboration with the School of East Asian Studies). /////

|||| My work typically falls within the realm of critical spatial practice, in that it seeks to explore the intersection between art-architecture-urbanism (and other disciplinary fields), theory-practice, and public(s)-private(s). Due to the nature of transdisciplinary thought, I have a range of interconnecting pedagogical and research interests, including: ︎ radical future pedagogy ︎ citational practices ︎ climate narratives ︎ spatial justice ︎ public publishing ︎ atmosphere building ︎ ethics (with a focus on feminist meta-ethics) ︎ xenofeminist spatialities ︎ future-orientated methodologies ︎ network theory ︎ spatial modes of writing ︎ micro urban ecologies ︎ speculative urbanism ||||||



*pronouns are she/they